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Kendrion Magneta

Magnetic particle clutches, electromagnetic brakes and much more from Kendrion (Aerzen)

We develop and produce electromagnetic brakes and electromagnetic clutches up to 5 Nm and magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes up to 320 Nm.

Our product overview

Spring applied brakes


Closed current-actuated brakes up to 2 Nm
■ Holding brakes

■ Emergency stop brakes

■ Working brakes

Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH - magnetic particle clutches, electromagnetic brakes and much more.

Welcome to Kendrion! We offer you flexibility and expertise in the development and manufacture of electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes, magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes, based on many years' experience in the field. We develop and produce small clutches and permanent magnet brakes which are precisely matched to client specifications. We offer serial production of up to several thousand units to manufacture magnet clutches, electromagnetic clutches and other products.

Characteristics of electromagnetic clutches/ electromagnetic brakes

Kendrion's high-grade magnetic particle clutches and magnet brakes ensure a long service life, providing absolute precision and torques up to 5 Nm. Our commitment to quality includes frictionally engaged transmission of turning or braking torques during dry runs for our electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes as well as torsional backlash-free torque transmission in electro clutches and brakes. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes from our company can be used in any installation position and are virtually maintenance-free.

Features of Kendrion magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes

The torque is continuously variable in relation to the exciting current in magnetic particle clutches. An iron powder contained in magnetic particle clutches is used to transmit the torque from the outer rotor to the inside rotor. This fine-grain iron powder forms magnetic chains in particle couplings and brakes and transmits the torque with these chains. The degree of electromagnetic excitation determines the rigidity of the powder chains and the magnitude of the transmitted torque in magnetic clutches and particle brakes up to 320 Nm.

High-grade permanent magnet brakes

In addition to our existing magnetic clutches and brakes, we have also been supplying permanent magnet brakes in time-tested quality since 2012. You will receive torsional backlash-free permanent magnet brakes with nominal torque ranges between 0.01 and 4.5 Nm with or without a flange and featuring electromagnetic ventilation for all types of installation locations.

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