Kendrion (Aerzen) - Ein Unternehmen der Industrial Drive Systems
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Kendrion Magneta

Other Kendrion products

Kendrion develops and produces electromagnets and electromagnetic brakes for a wide variety of sectors and applications. The long-established brands Binder and LINNIG have given rise to a modern, globally oriented company. The business divisions, which explicitly cater to the special characteristics of different markets, provide clients with optimum service.

Industrial Drive Systems

Industrial Drive Systems

Electromechanical brakes and clutches for industrial drive technology: accelerating, braking, positioning, holding and securing moveable drive components and loads
Industrial Magnetic Systems

Industrial Magnetic Systems

Standard and customised products for industry: lifting magnets, clamp magnets, electromagnetic swinging systems and solenoid valves
Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Customised solution to optimise automatic processes
Passenger Car Systems

Passenger Cars

Customised project development for hydraulic systems and applications for the automotive industry
Commercial Vehicle Systems

Commercial Vehicles

Tailored system solutions for the commercial vehicle and off-road sector