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Kendrion Magneta

Electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes

Precision and long service life
Torques up to 5 Nm
Operating current-actuated (normally open)

Kendrion (Aerzen) electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes transmit the turning or braking torque while frictionally engaged during dry runs. Torque transmission is torsional backlash-free when a direct current is active. The pre-tensioned annular spring in the armature element ensures ventilation free of moments of inertia. Virtually maintenance-free, these clutches and brakes can be used in any installation location.

Kendrion (Aerzen) offers:

  • Standard clutches between 0.3-3.6 Nm from the catalogue
  • Customised application clutches up to 5 Nm for larger batch sizes

Simply challenge and ask us.
Kendrion (Aerzen) is your partner for small electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

Flanschmontierte Kupplung mit kundenspezifischem Kettenrad Typ 14.100.--.113
Flange-mounted clutch
with customised sprocket

Model 14.100.--.113
Wellenmontierte Kupplung 14.100.--.303
Shaft-mounted clutch
Type 14.100.--.303
Flanschmontierte Bremse Typ 14.110.--.101
Flange-mounted brake
Type 14.110.--.101

Do you need more information?
Download our Catalogue Electromagnetic Clutches and Electromagnetic Brakes now
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