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Kendrion Magneta


Installed without adjustments (normally open)


Electromagnetic clutches and brakes should be easy to install and integrated into the machine concept without making any adjustments. Kendrion (Aerzen) offers a combination on a hollow shaft for applications where clutches and brakes need to work together.
These combinations are based on successful, individual Kendrion (Aerzen) components. The unit is fitted on a continuous shaft. Fixed by just two screws, it is then ready for use.

■  For applications with a high cycle frequency
■  Quick and easy fitting
■  Fitted without adjustments
■  Clearances are adjusted in the factory
■  Easily dismounted and refit for servicing

Kupplungs-Brems-Kombination 14.200.--.111

Clutch-brake-combination with hollow shaft

1 size    Clutch/ brake torque 3.6/4.5 Nm

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