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Kendrion Magneta

Magnetic particle clutches and brakes

Torque continuously adjustable

The characteristic feature of a magnetic particle clutch is its continuous adjustment of the torque in relation to the exciting current.

A highly abrasion-resistant, specially alloyed iron powder is applied to the powder gap to transmit the torque from the outside rotor to the inside rotor. This fine-grain iron powder forms magnetic chains in relation to the degree of electromagnetic excitation, thus transmitting the torque. The degree of electromagnetic excitation determines the rigidity of these powder chains and thus also the magnitude of the transferable torque.

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Kendrion (Aerzen) is your partner for magnetic particle clutches and brakes.

Clutch with spade connectors
Clutch with
plug connection
Model 14.501.03.11
1 size
Torque 2.5 Nm
Clutch with slip rings
Clutch with slip ring
Model 14.502.--.12
6 sizes
Torque 10 Nm – 320 Nm
Brake with spade connectors
Brake with plug connection
Model 14.512.--.22
6 sizes
Torque 10 Nm – 320 Nm

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