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Kendrion Magneta

Controllers for magnetic particle clutches and brakes

A wide range of options

The 14.422. unit is used to excite magnetic particle clutches and brakes. The current can be influenced by a floating potentiometer or a control voltage. This built-in current control unit ensures that the current is always maintained at the same level, even if the coil temperature fluctuates. The controller has other important features: a set value indicator, control amplifier and temperature protection provided by a thermal sensor on the magnetic particle clutch or brake. The device switches off automatically if the housing temperature is too high.

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Enclosed unit
Controller housing
Model 14.422.04.230
Built-in-unit without transformer with setpoint potentiometer
Built-in-unit without
transformer with setpoint
Model 14.422.01.042
Model 14.422.02.230
Transformer 230V / 42V / 100VA

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Download our Catalogue Electromagnetic Clutches and Electromagnetic Brakes now on Acrobat PDF-file (approx. 1 MB file size).