Kendrion (Aerzen) - Ein Unternehmen der Industrial Drive Systems
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Kendrion Magneta

About us

Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH

The former magneta GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the Kendrion Group since 2010. The innovative company continues to develop and produce electromagnetic clutches and brakes as Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH at its site in Aerzen, Northern Germany.

Kendrion Magneta

Kendrion (Aerzen) is synonymous with technical expertise and optimum flexibility in fulfilling customer requirements. Take a look at our assembly and manufacturing facilities.

Clients' needs are fulfilled after joint agreement on a clutch design which meets the application requirements to an optimum extent.
Come to us if you are looking for the best solution for your clutch needs.
We will develop precisely the clutch which you need for your specific application. We manufacture in our own facilities.

We specialise in manufacturing all batch sizes from short runs to large-scale production.
Thanks to streamlined production and process sequences, we are able to offer you high quality and delivery reliability at inexpensive prices.

Kendrion (Aerzen) also offers:

  • A standard portfolio of electromagnetic clutches and brakes up to 5 Nm. These products can be supplied at short notice.
  • A standard portfolio of magnetic particle clutches and brakes up to 320 Nm, also with short delivery times.

Our client base serves as a testament to our corporate philosophy. Many major international companies have placed their trust in us.

You can expect the best solution.
Simply enquire and ask us.

We look forward to hearing from you!